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TLC Community Development Initiative - April 2023

Written by Jackie Volschenk (ACDC Express Alberton)

Poverty is an increasingly growing socio-economic challenge in South Africa. This often results in many families struggling to access core essential services. Sadly, it is also one of the biggest factors leading to children being separated or abandoned by their families and entering orphanages. 

ACDC Express Alberton recently visited the TLC Children’s Home with the ambition of making a meaningful contribution to assist them in providing for the children under their care.  The team led by owners Wayne and Luisa Pilley, strongly believes that no child in South Africa should go hungry.

As the ACDC Express team, walked through the passages of TLC Children’s Home, they were comforted by the cleanliness and well-maintained facilities. The children are definitely well taken care of, dressed warmly, and shown so much love by the amazing human beings managing this facility. Despite being welcomed by a smile, as we held the small babies in our arms, it was evident to us that there is still an emptiness in their eyes and a feeling of loneliness.

TLC Children's Home

The TLC Children’s Home has a project whereby they home and educate young mothers, who are victims to rape and abuse. Not only do they take care of them, but they also motivate and encourage them to get a proper education, become independent, and most importantly take care of their own child.

This phenomenal children’s home provides exceptional care and love to the children, but also to young mothers so they can create a positive environment and start a meaningful life for themselves and their child.

The TLC Children’s Home team has also started its own sustainability program whereby they have its own vegetable garden, chicken coop, borehole and rainwater capture for water supply, and solar paneling.

How ACDC Express Alberton made an Impact

It’s no secret that children’s essentials are expensive but also spending quality time with children is priceless. The ACDC Express Alberton team donated much-needed core essentials to the TLC Children’s Home, and our team spent some valuable time playing with the children from each group. Just witnessing the excitement from the children, as their eyes lit up playing a game of soccer, was an amazing experience!

ACDC Express Alberton was deeply touched and inspired by all the hardworking men and women at the TLC Children’s Home. Their daily sacrifices and what they do to create a healthy environment and uplift the children and mothers are truly inspiring.

In our efforts to give back to our local community, our relationship with the TLC Children’s will definitely continue, so that we can contribute towards the upliftment of children and success of future generations.

Who are the TLC Children's Home

Since 1993, the TLC Children’s Home has helped over 900 abandoned babies find forever homes. Building on their legacy, they have recently moved to a new property that is better suited to the excellent services they provide their babies. It includes a baby nursery, toddler house, therapy room, volunteer cottages, staff accommodation, offices, playground, and a play-school.

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