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SWITCH DESIGN Competition 2023

We have a R100,000 up for grabs for the next big invention, which could be yours!


Entry Period: 1 May – 31 October 2023

“Design creates culture. Culture shapes values. Values determine the future.”
~ Robert L. Peters

The SWITCH Design Competition is an ACDC Express initiative that encourages up-and-coming South African designers – professionals and students alike – to showcase their skills, and begin establishing their personal brand within the industry.

ACDC Express is always searching for fresh talent and innovative design concepts, and the SWITCH Design Competition provides a platform for local designers to gain recognition and experience. The SWITCH Design Competition allows ACDC Express and its partners to contribute to our country and local communities, and support the future leaders of the design industry. 

The competition will run digitally, with physical activations, and may include different campaigns showing examples of AUTOMATIC SOLAR TRACKERS for contestants to draw inspiration from.

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Create an innovative design for an Automatic Solar Tracker using design software.

The design must be original, aesthetically appealing, creative, and functional.

ACDC Express is always looking for new products and concepts that will appeal to customers and boost public awareness of our brand.

The motivation behind this year’s task is to contribute to local community and industry development by giving new designers a platform to showcase their skills, and an opportunity to gain exposure and experience.

Load shedding is here to stay and solar is a trending topic,  we want aspiring designers to showcase their skills and talents by designing an Automatic  Solar Tracker that can provide South African’s with a resource to generate electricity from the sun.

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Solar Tracker


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  • R 100 000 Cash Prize
  • 1st Place Trophy
  • Digital Certificate
  • A featured blog post on Visi Magazine
  • R 50 000 Cash Prize
  • 2nd Place Trophy
  • Digital Certificate
  • A featured blog post on Visi Magazine
  • R 20 000 Cash Prize
  • 3rd Place Trophy
  • Digital Certificate
  • A featured blog post on Visi Magazine
  • JBL Music Box valued at R 8 000


Our esteemed judges might be deciding on the winner of the SWITCH Design Competition, but we also want to find out who’s the ‘Fans Favourite’. This is an opportunity for the public to have their say and vote for their favourite design!

Once the top 10 entrants are announced on 1 November 2023, they will need to submit a video promoting and presenting their design. This video will be shared on social media for the public to watch, and cast their vote for their favourite automatic solar tracker design.

The entrant with the most votes for their design will receive a cool JBL Music box valued at over R 8000!  But, there will also be an awesome giveaway prize for the fans who cast a vote for their favourite design. Watch this space for more details…

Fan Favourite


It is the responsibility of the competition entrants to submit their completed entry via their Award Force account. Only fully completed entries submitted to Award Force will be considered for the Switch Design Competition. Entries submitted via other sources / incomplete entries will not be considered.

The top 10 successful entrants will be contacted and informed on 1 November 2023A panel of industry experts will gather to grade the top 3 entrants, and ultimately the winner of the Switch Design Competition for 2023. The winner of the Switch Design Competition will be announced on 1 December 2023.

  • Suitability of design to the competition brief
    The design needs to have the ability to translate and be interpreted lucidly and creatively as set forth in the Brief. There must be demonstrated knowledge of each element represented.

  • Spatial integration
    The design should exemplify the ability to complement and be sensitive to its surroundings and how people interact with the space. Although the design may have separate elements, it should still present some form of overall integration: how it benefits or impacts the environment and its users. There should be an integration of usability, ease and electrical (element) circulation in the design. Overall, the product sense of place needs to be established to give the product a unique character, enhance the environment, and create pride in the individual and whole space integration possession.

  • The functionality of the design
    Function refers to the purpose for which the product is intended. Good functionality means the product works well for the intended use, regardless of whether it is targeted at the client, the users that occupy the product, the public that encounters it, or even the virtual users that are confronted by its photographic representation. The functionality of the design should be seen as playing a crucial part of and as contributing to the benefit of the product innovation for the grander scheme of things.

  • Innovation and originality
    Design is a forward-looking field that embraces new technologies and countenances, keeping in step with social developments, innovations and needs, sometimes even creating a new expression that sets a new trend. Products that take a fresh approach or work to improve existing practices are innovative concepts. The judges will be looking at not just the use of high-technology solutions, but also the adoption of clever design ideas.

    The proposal should present a strong overall design vision or strength of concept or iconic design theme. It should provide a unique and original use of design, the design needs to stand out and provide something new in the market to supplement any existing products.

  • Environmental consideration
    This looks at the importance of the evident virtue of the proposals in relation to the rational use of available natural resources in the product manufacturing. Attention will be made to those proposals that creatively formulate active and passive means to assure more efficient use of energy and minimise negative impacts on the ecological environment.

  • Form/ Award Force Code
    The judges will consider how the Award Force app manifests the stated intent through its materiality, shape, detailing, etc. The coded form should have a clear stance on its relationship to its surroundings, its users, and the public at large. It is not enough to be beautiful, and the form need not be cutting-edge or trendy, but rather of high quality, and is appropriate and relevant for its audience and the message that Switch Competition supports. The product should demonstrate design excellence and quality, it should fit its purpose and be sustainable. There should also be harmony between the proposed aesthetic designs and the building itself, where necessary.

  • Reality
    The aim of this criterion is to determine physical and social parameters affecting the design and how the product has responded to these, i.e. the technical and economic feasibility of realisation in South Africa.

    All information on the design will be identified relative to the level of detail in the submission requirements. This can be broken down to include a criteria and data for bringing the product into actualisation, further including design objectives, material requirements and constraints, social and economic trends, the applicant may want to consider future development of the product, such that even if South Africa may have outdated technology, compared to their global counterparts, they may be able to incorporate this into their design description. It is important to maintain a correct balance between too much and too little information.

To enter the Switch Design Competition, entrants must:

  • Applicants would have to visit the Award Force link ( and register their profile.
  • Entrant Photo and Biography
  • Product Design Description (minimum 150 words)
  • A designed to dimension presentation. It must include a full 3D and side view of the presentation)
  • A list of ACDC Express products used in the design (if applicable).
  • A brief description of the design is required, the design, demographic age group and expert level, and any other relevant information required.
  • Applicants will need to include all required information, or else their application will be deemed incomplete and disqualified.


Entries Open: 1 May 2023
Entries Close: 31 August 2023
1st Judging Period: 1 September – 31 October 2023
Top 10 Announcement: 1 November 2023


Fan Favourite (Top 10 Only) Video Submission: 1-8 November 2023
Final Judging Period: 1-30 November 2023
Fan Favourite Voting Period: 9-30 November 2023
Winners Announced: 
1 December 2023

Automatic Solar Tracker


Click on the button below to get started! Kindly ensure that you  have read the Terms & Conditions before submitting your requirements.