ACDC Express

Customers to please take note that goods will only be accepted for repairs, return or refund subject to the following conditions:

1. No cash refunds will be given, credits only.

2. Goods must be returned with the original invoice.

3. The goods are returned in the original packaging and such packaging has not been opened.

4. Any goods that are broken will not be accepted for return.

5. Any goods that have been used or have been combined with any other product/device will not be accepted for return.

6. Any cut to measure or special order items which have been customised to customer order will not be accepted for refund or exchange.

7. Goods that have been correctly supplied and invoiced will only be accepted for return if returned within 10 (ten) working days of purchase and will be subject to a

25% (twenty-five) handling fee.

8. Materially defective or misdescribed goods must be returned within 10 (ten) working days of purchase for repair, replacement or refund.

9. We reserve the right to send goods for technical evaluation prior to repairing , refunding or exchanging the goods.

Non-returnable goods include: Pumps; Sirens; Variable Speed Drivers; Soft Starters; Inverters; Generators; UPS; Fuses; Cable; Cable Accessories; Terminals;

Transformers (if different voltage or different VA rating); Tools (drills, welding machines, etc); Specifically manufactured or imported products, used or damaged

goods; All festive lights (seasonal products/ out of season); Lamps/ Globes (any type); Fluorescent Fittings; Cable TRunking (except when exchanging for different

colour or size); Any goods with a value less than R50.00 (Fifty Rand). All products sold should be installed by qualified artisans. ACDC Express, its employees or any affiliates do not take any responsibility for any injury, death or any claim arising from the purchase or installation of our products.