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Sinakekele Children Community Development Initiative - May 2023

Written by ACDC Express Umhlanga team

ACDC Express Umhlanga recently visited Sinakekele Children in Verulam, KwaZulu-Natal with the aim of making a positive contribution and impact on the lives of our future generation. As the ACDC Express Umhlanga team walked through the home of these kids, our team was in awe.

This efficient children’s home is run by dedicated volunteers with a genuine calling to provide these children with a loving, safe, and caring environment.

Sinakekele Children

Founded in 2003, Sinakekele Children has been providing and looking after abandoned babies and vulnerable children for the past 20 years. Their vision is to see every abandoned baby united into a loving family. This phenomenal team has created a loving, nurturing, and safe environment for the children, where the children gain spiritual and psychological guidance, to develop into confident and productive members of society with a genuine purpose.

Some of the programmes/services that Sinakekele Children manages to empower the youth and neighbouring communities include:

  • Preschool
  • Saturday Recreation Centre and Library – every 2nd week
  • The Afternoon Vibe – Music and Drama – every 2nd week
  • Animal Welfare Education – Monthly (In Partnership with P.A.C.T.)
  • Fathers Matter course– Monthly (In Partnership with Heartlines)
  • Church Services and Weekly Bible Studies
  • Hospital Ministry – Regular visits to the maternity and Paediatric wards of Osindisweni Hospital
  • Food Distribution – as and when donations are received.

How ACDC Express Umhlanga made an Impact

Even small efforts can create influence and inspire others to be kinder, more loving, and more willing to extend a helping hand. Our team donated several vital supplies and daily essentials that Sinakekele Children desperately need for the children. Sinakekele Children also have an ‘Adopt a Cot‘ initiative, which ACDC Express Umhlanga will be supporting. Our Umhlanga team will be sponsoring 8 cots with the aim of making a difference to these children.

The ACDC Express Umhlanga team was deeply touched and inspired by the dedication and commitment of the Sinakekele staff. Knowing that were able to provide Sinakekele Children with vital supplies for the children, was truly a proud moment for our team.

The Umhlanga team got to experience first-hand how the smallest acts of generosity can have a powerful impact on changing the lives of children and uplifting the local community. This initiative with Sinakekele Children has been a truly humbling and inspiring experience! It is the beginning of a fruitful partnership that will continue long into the future, as we aim to ‘power up’ our local community.


Who are Sinakekele Children Home

Sinakekele Children runs a transition home for abandoned and orphaned babies. They provide a safe and loving environment for the babies and toddlers whilst they await adoption, placement with a foster family or reunification with their biological families. Sinakekele has up to 6 babies or toddlers at any time and has dedicated, round the clock staff to help meet each and every baby’s specific needs.

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